Leaving Cert Higher - Listening Elective Topics

Topic 2: American Film Music


  • American Film Institute
    AFI’s 100 years of film scores: 1907-2007.



  • Film Music - Online Articles
    A series of online articles including a link to a study guide covering - The Composer's Toolkit; the Performer; Music as Drama.



  • John Williams
    Biographical notes on the composer. Includes an outline of his film scores.



  • Elmer Bernstein
    The filmography of the New York composer who scored the music for over 200 films and TV programmes. Among his works are The Magnificent Seven and The Field.



  • Danny Elfman
    Biographical notes on this composer who developed a reputation for composing 'dark' scores.



  • Music in Film - Workbook
    Notes and worksheet activities from a course offered in a US High School (PDF)


    Test Yourself


  • Film Composers of the '80s & '90s
    (Contains some pop-ups)



  • Film Composers Quiz
    Same site as above - mind the pop-ups


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