Facts, activities and projects exploring Ireland Long Ago,  aimed at Primary level History.



Exploring Irish Legends
Read a selection of famous Irish legends.

Playground games
Try these games!

20 century Timeline
Suggestions for studying a local historical site.

TeachNet History
Investigation of a local historical site.

Clothes then and now  
Compare the types of clothing worn by our ancestors with now.

The Salmon of Knowledge
Activities and the full story with audio.










Young & Old Quiz time 
Quizzes for 5th and 6th. Classes

St. Patrick's Day Games
Great games to celebrate our national feast day.

BBC Celts
Create a celtic craft.

Walk through Time Games
Test your knowledge of the Romans, Vikings with these games.

ThinkQuest-Irish Myths and Legends
Reading activity for creatures, places and more on myths and legends.


Teachnet - Myths and Legends
Covers stories like The Children of Lir, The Brown Bull of Cooley, How Cuchalainn Got His Name and The Salmon of Knowledge.


Irish History in Maps
Improve your map reading skills.



Stokane Mythic Mural     
Applique mural project.              

Saint Brigid
Project from St. Mary's College, Dundalk.

The History of Our School
Project from the Heath School, Co.Laois

History of Schools and Folklore
A project from Boholans NS.



In Search of Ancient Ireland
Lesson plans based on video clip and website form the PBS site.