Facts, activities and projects on the Vikings aimed at Primary level History.



Who were the Vikings?
Discover all about their life and culture.

Viking Weapons
Covers the sword, axe and spear. Lots of images and diagrams.

Viking Facts and  Myths
They did not wear horned helmets and they were not as tall as we think.

Britannica Vikings - Basic
Explores Viking life, conquests and why the viking era ended.

Britannica Vikings - Intermediate
Detailed information about the Vikings including their trade, their government and their religion.

Leif the Lucky
Icelandic animated video telling the story of how Leif discovered America.


Explore a Viking Village
Watch video clips to explore different part of a viking village.


Explore a Viking Longboat
Meet Leif Eriksson and come on board his longship. 


Long Fhada Lochlannach Idirghníomhach
Buail le Leif Eriksson agus tar ar bord a Loinge Fada Lochlannaí.







Design a Longboat
Go on an epic adventure game west.                

Viking Runes
Write your name Viking Style.

A Viking Longboat
Colour in this Picture.

Test your Knowledge
Are you a Viking Historian?

The legend of Thor
(Pdf) Design a storyboard. 



Design a Viking Brooch
Create your own range of Viking Jewellery.



Multiple Choice Quiz
Can you answer the questions correctly?

10 Question Quiz
Some tricky questions.

Explore Viking Food
No pasta, pizza or potatoes.

Viking Class Project.
Loads of facts and information.

Viking Clip Art
Cool pictures to inspire your projects.


Viking Documents
(Powerpoint) Some great Word docs and PowerPoint presentations.

Viking Network
Covers the first raids in Ireland to Viking Dublin. Great site!
  Map of the Viking World
Blank map showing the part of the world the vikings inhabited.
  Viking Diaspora
Small map with hot spots showing where the Vikings explored, lived or traded.
Replicas of Nordic Ships
Quick facts and photos of Nordic ships.
Viking Study Unit
Focused on specific books but the basic ideas might hold anywhere.