Check out this themepage which presents activites on migrating birds and perhaps trace the supergoose as it migrates from Ireland. This ties in with SESE Science and Geography at primary level.



Why do birds do it? Where do they go? Great Migration Route Map!

Travelling Minstrels
Some of the birds coming to Ireland have great tunes.

Birds & Sunsets
How do birds actually find their way?

How do they do it?
Encyclopaedia Britannica article. Only visible in schools.

Spring Alive
Add your sightings of the swallow, cuckoo, swift and stork and check sightings in other countries.


Rook's Binocular Game
Can you identify each bird.

By Sound
Know the singer & the song.

Birds A to Z
See them and listen to them.them./font>

Wexford Wildfowl Reserve
Thousands of birds migrate to the South-East. Check them out.


Jim Wilson's Guide to Garden Choose from 20 different birds.

Pick your favourite!
Robin, balckbird & blue tit.
Golden Eagle
Yes it's back in Ireland!

Photo sharing for places and 'birds' in Ireland. Search for 'birds' and see what you get.



  Birds Ecards
Features stunning nature photography captured by the public.
Guide a Turtle to a Pond
Game designed to improve computer skills.
  Bird Activities for Kids
Colouring pages for younger children.
The Barn Owl Blog
Read about Barn Owls on the Mooney website.


Follow the brent geese as they migrate from Ireland.

Lesson Plan
Canadian lesson plan. Some good suggestions..

Irish Times Birds Supplement
Great souce of info for Ireland. Packed full of material.
Blank World Map
Get the pupils to track bird migration. (pdf)

Arctic Terns: North to South 
Map the bird's migration route and reasons for migration.

Consider a project
Scoil Íosaef Naofa, Cobh embarks on an international project tracking the Black tailed Godwit.