The Earth's Surface - What Shapes the Crust?

This Focus On is presented as part of  Junior Cycle Geography. It looks at the earth's surface and in particular what shapes the crust. (Page 11 of the Geography Syllabus gives details for the areas to cover in this topic.)

The Crust & its Rocks


EarthQuakes / Tsunamis


  • How Earthquakes Happen
    Clear animation from the BBC. Step-by-step detail on the causes of earthquakes. Includes printable PDF.
  • Earthquake Simulator
    You get to choose the type of ground on which a building is built, the type of construction measures taken in the building and the magnitude of the earthquake. Then - let the earthquake begin and see the damage.

  • Tsunami
    Clear animation with a step-by-step guide on the causes and effects of tsunamis. Includes a voice-over commentary. Very clear.
Quiz Yourself

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